Stainless Steel and Motor Agate Fordite Money Clip #2078


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Lapidary cut, recycled, cured and layered auto enamel Motor Agate cab set in a brass trim 2-tone bezel, and mounted on a stainless steel money clip, which has been given an industrial, distressed finish. The salvaged and repurposed enamel material set in this piece was harvested as a byproduct of the industrial auto painting process. 

This spectacular and large fordite cabochon in this piece is a Type 1 Motor Agate cabochon. Limited color on color layers, with primer layers in between each one.

Hand Signed. Gorgeous. Unique!

Clip length 49.5 mm
Clip width 25.9 mm
Bezel setting 27.7 mm round

Item # 2078

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