Stainless Steel and Motor Agate Fordite Key Ring #2070


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Lapidary cut, recycled, cured and layered auto enamel Motor Agate cab set in stainless steel. The salvaged and repurposed enamel material set in this piece was harvested as a byproduct of the industrial auto painting process. 

This piece has a sleek woodgrain patterned Type 1 Motor Agate cabochon. Multiple color on color layers, with primer layers in between each one.

This classy cab is set in a stainless steel, full bezel setting with brushed, industrial matte finish on the front and back. The sides are smooth high polish. Spring loaded key loop is strong and firm enough to prevent accidental opening. Pocket perfect, and a great gift for the guy who has everything!

Hand Signed.

Dimensions from top of closed key loop: 59.8 x 29.7 mm

Item # 2070

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